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    Yasu wrote:
    Why do we talk geopolitics on a MorphOS forum? Can't we just lock this thread and be done with it?

    Sorry Johannes,
    I brought it up as it was one of the few ways I could directly engage Europeans about something I consider quite important.

    As discussion is vital to this issue, I would hope the thread remains open.

    And I am glad someone else brought up WWII as the comparison is valid (after all, the Russians did invade Poland, and thus greatly enlarged that conflict).

    Nick - I don't hate the Russians, I just don't have much respect for their leader and his interest in fostering conflicts in neighboring countries.
    You, more than others here, ought to know I don't address people via demographics.
    If I didn't place some trust in specific Russians I never would have sold items to them via Ebay (as there is no tracking to Russian destinations).

    @ Megander "Up yours then"? - Really? Is THAT the best you can do?
    Frankly, isn't it more like up the Ukranian's, up everyone who was on that plane (AND their relatives)?

    As everyone ought to remember, the Russians like raping those they occupy.

    Again, I salute the leaders of the EU for having the balls to stick to their convictions.

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