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    Jim wrote:
    And...the EU gets around to some slightly more serious sanctions today.
    My apologies to my European friends for doubting your convictions.

    And to those still backing the current Russian lead hostilities, you are shameless.

    Backing actual Nazis - not neo-Nazis but genuine Nazis that butchered Ukrainians and Jews in the 40's - is shameful Jim.

    You get your "facts" from your mainstream media. The same media that lied about Saddam's WMD's. The same media that lies about the genocide of Palestinians, the same media that lies about pretty much everything. The same media that lies about Syria. Could it be possible they lie about whatever the power-crazed psychopaths that own these outlets tell them to?

    Americans always need to have an enemy to hate, whether it be socialists, Muslims, Russians or the French. "Freedom fries" being a perfect example of the ridiculous propaganda that the American public is fed which they blindly follow.

    History is repeating itself.
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