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    As a member from Australia, we lost roughly 30 Australian lives on that doomed flight. At least three of those thirty lives were children aged between roughly 5 and 12 (going off memory) and all three children were from the same family, traveling home with their grandfather while their parents spent a few more days in Amsterdam.

    I read the paper today and saw a shot on the front page of the mother sobbing while the father attempted to comfort her while obviously trying to come to grips with unimaginable grief himself.As a father myself I tried to imaging the unthinkable loss these people must be feeling and I came to understand that I just cannot even begin to grasp the dark reality these poor people are facing.

    Even with the naked eye there is literally no mistaking a commercial airliner and to fire at one with surface to air missiles is just unthinkable.

    While the concept of an eye for an eye is the first thing that pops into one's mind, and I hope the people responsible for this unthinkable act are brought to justice, I moreso hope that the poor individuals left behind struggling to cope with their dispair and loss somehow find peace in the not too distant future and are able to in some way lead as close as possible to a normal existance in hope that maybe one day they will meet up with their loved ones once again.

    May all the victims rest in peace, especially those young angles taken before they even had a chance to experience all life has to offer.
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