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    QMaster wrote:

    Anyway, why no one of you noticed that UA forces already shot the airliner once? It was in 2001 and it was a proven fact. I don't see any reasons why sholdn't they do it once more.

    CCCP did that to Korean airliner in 1983.


    And nobody told here WHY do separatists and Kreml need that shot airliner? If they do, they'll make it fall on UA-army controlled territory, not their own.

    They were mistaken and thought it was a military aircraft. Separatists dont have means to reliably detect airplane type and Russia made mistake when they decided to supply separatists with BUKs, that is all.

    Or maybe Ukraine thought it was Russian military aircraft and launched the missile. Who knows for sure althought evidence is pointing at separatists. At least both sides, Ukraine and Russia have confirmed it was downed with BUK.
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