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    I wonder who has the "best" track record in shooting down commercial airliners...

    In some places human life is just not appreciated.

    + I wish there was a way to handle those chrisis.

    one way: isolate them and let them kill themself?

    >Also dumb UA traffic control led that liner to fly over the dangerous territory...

    There was also Indian airliner 25km distance of the malaysian one. As we can see the malesian airliner slightly changed it's flight path, it could be to stay away the Indian plane.
    But I agree that no airliner is safe to fly over the most eastern parts of europe... too many airliners downed allready.

    limitations on the area:

    > Also how do separatists can fight down that liner if it was at 11km height...

    We have seen BUK missile systems go around on the streets of the mentioned area. (not possible to fake as every person can verify the map from satellite images)

    But sure, it's not possible to say who pressed the fire button.

    (from captured telephone conversations, it seems to be the russian aligned forces. Also the separatist did have "party" with the matter on their web blog (before it was found out that it was a civilian plane).)

    > If they do have other anti-air guns why are they letting UA air forces to bomb civil objects and kill many civilians?

    They have shot down several military aircrafts already (including UA cargo plane).
    To my understanding the "bombing" is done by figter planes that fly way lower than passenger planes, to be able to hit targets. +fighter planes have anti missile measures, so separatist can not down every UA plane with 100% accuracy, that's why some bombs get through.

    (One note about using BUK system that might have taken from UA base by separatists: UA BUK system is set not to hit friendly planes. So, unless there is a know how to disable that "block", separatists could not use that device (unless they have the know how to "reprogram the BUK system"). Far simpler would seem to get another BUK system from russia.)


    "It disappeared in virtually the same location as the Ukrainian military transport AN-26 shot down by a missile a few days before."
    Every big plane is not a transport plane. They know it now.
    Russians to deside if these are all fake:

    "Ukrainian aviation authorities had raised the closed airspace zone in the area from 26,000 to 32,000 feet on Monday after military aircraft were shot down."
    "Before the crash, 300 commercial aircraft a day were flying through eastern Ukrainian airspace, most on long-haul flights between Europe and Southeast Asia."


    I wonder if the location is known yet where this video was recorded:
    To me it seems that on that location there was in deed a missile capable to reach high altitude.


    also the location of thsese shots would be nice to know:

    Buk missile systems going home etc:


    It will be interesting to see if those black boxes will be lost forever (miraculously, again)... or when extracted there's just some p*rn inside.

    ((some suggest that Ukraine military had taken air traffic control & directed the plane to be shot down. black boxes would clear that "investigation"))

    I wonder if they manage to destroy all the bodies as well:
    Wait a week or two and they manage to make it look 100% like cargo plane crash...


    For example for Finland, the situation is nasty. M$ has just caused huge hike in unemployment in this country and as Russia is a hugely important neighbour country for export... If EU ends up desiding that borders to Russia must be "closed", it would pretty much kill us. But anyway, if there is no other way, it will be done.



    What if we would have military force that would be controlled by a politically independent country:

    perhaps a good idea, except for the big boys


    ******NEWS source*******

    I think Finland should have pretty balanced news feed, so I dare to recommend:
    And to help to filter through:

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