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    I can't see why USA acts as bully of the world and is always sending mercenaries everywhere and starting wars far away from their frontiers. If there was a war in Europe the main winner would be USA, happy to sell weapons and sending USA companies to rebuild structures (and creating debt). If you want to start a war please do it in your own ground and see your cities destroyed and your children dying.

    I prefer to have stable and good neighbours and to keep Ukraine fascists and rusophobe countries out of the European Union as some of these countries are more interested in starting 3rd WW with Russia than in soving their problems.

    Stealing gas from Russia is pathethic but it's even more pathethic that supposedly serious countries like USA back that behaviour (that sons of USA government/companies are presidents of Ukranian Gas companies surely doesn't have nothing to do with this right?).

    Timoshenko and "Porkyshenko" should be in jail, first for promoting killing russians and the second one for killing russian people (children included).

    Putin's plane was going to fly around 30 minutes later than the one that was shot, and both use red, white and blue... I imagine "Yats" would receive lots of $$$ as reward if they killed Putin.

    USA caused that previously stable countries like Libia, Siria, Irak have active islamic terrorists. Poor Sadam Hussein just wanted to sell petrol barrels using Euros in addition to dollars and USA wiped him. Every time USA economy goes down USA starts a war far away from your frontiers.

    BTW, if you want to talk about invasions let's talk about the invasion of Mexico when USA started a war to steal 1/2 territory of Mexico. It's funny that some rednecks hate Mexicans... come on, Mexicans are returning to their territories and you are the invasors, they are claiming their lands back
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