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    Derringer wrote:


    Cui prodest,as Seneca said.

    So you're trying to say that the Smolensk catastrophe back in 2010 was arranged by Putin (he had a good reason to get rid of Polish president and some of those who accompanied him)?
    Sometimes shit happens, sometimes someone might be mistaken, sometimes the true motives behind somebodys action remain uncertain...


    Until that day you can call the separatist terrorist, but the rest of the world is know that there were no terrorist in the separatist "army". Maybe a bunch of men who're fighting against the official state. But there were no bombs at the railway stations, no kidnappings innocent people etc.

    Are you serious? Do you know what's really happening in Ukraine? Kidnapping, torturing and killing innocent people by the "separatists" happens all the time.


    Before i forget, my country, even people in my family fought 4 times against the russians in the last 150 years. Bloody wars. So we need to be more offensive?

    I would call it a "hide your head in the sand policy". OK, someone beat you in the past. Does that fact entitle him to do whatever he wants? After Munich 1938, when Chamberlain returned home waving a paper that was to ensure "peace for our time" Winston Churchill summed it up by saying: "England has been offered a choice between war and shame. She has chosen shame, and will get war". What will the world choose today?
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