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    Jim wrote:
    And Kronos, it was Russian sponsored rebels.
    Any other conclusions seem far fetched.

    Did anybody seriously suggest otherwise ?

    Just as far as how much the Russians were involved in this incident (by providing then missiles or training) is completly unknown.

    Something similar could just as much happen with US sponsored rebells in Syria.....


    And btw, friends or not, you are a burden.

    With the long standing history of failed US foreign policy from south america to Iran and rushing into pointless wars without a proper cause nor plan (Vietnam, Irak just to name the biggest f##kups) I can wholehearty give that back at you guys !



    Ukraine as a puppet(backed by USA) has a reason.

    Yeah, and 9/11 was an inside job, the CIA killed JFK and Marilyn.....

    The Ukraine and US may use that disaster as a PR piece, doesn't mean they are resposnible.

    The rebells may not have motive, but they do have barely trained men shooting at anything they think is an Ukrainian military aircraft.

    Now add that there is only one party making access to and investigation at the crash site harder and it gets even more obvious.

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