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    Jim wrote:

    Can I compare people from the US to Europeans?
    Why not? Many of us are descended from European ancestors.

    But you can't compare the US to the EU. The former is a federation acting as one country, the latter is merely a union of several very different countries with very different views and priorities. And the EU doesn't have one common, central military force either. With few exceptions (France and the UK comes to mind) all Europe's nations military is entirely focused on defense of the homeland, not offense. So even if you would like "the Europeans"(!) to play "hardball"(?!) with Russia in other ways than those already in practice (sanctions and embargos), it simply wouldn't be possible. And even if it was possible, it wouldn't happen, for the same reason as why the US would never go offensive military wise against Russia.


    After all the idea of "peaceful Europeans" is a bit ridiculous.

    But there is nothing ridiculous about Peace in Europe!


    Now as to what can be done about Russia's promotion of violence in the Ukraine?

    An escalation of what is already being done; increased sanctions and embargos against Russia. I'm sure we will see more of this very soon. The ultimate "peaceful" blow the Europe could give Russia, would be to stop buying their natural gas. This would really smash the balls of Russia's economy, it would be a *severe* blow, a *crippling* blow. Only problem is that it would also hurt large parts of Europe who literally depends on this gas for energy, especially during the winter. But I suppose if there's will there's a way, and AFAIK steps are being taken.
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