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    ASiegel wrote:

    Jim wrote:
    The unwillingness of our European allies to forcefully address the latest incidents in the the Ukraine does nothing to increase my sense of respect for Europeans in general.
    Sorry if this sounds offensive, but your interdependence with Russia has really made you all compromised weak apologists for a dictatorial aggressor.

    Have you heard of Saudi Arabia, which happens to be the United States' second most important source for foreign oil (right after Canada)?

    Saudi Arabia Funding Terrorists
    Saudi Arabia Support ISIS in Iraq

    Oh trust me, I am very uncomfortable with our relationship with the Saudis (the only oil refinery in my State was designed specifically for Saudi crude oil).
    After all, the 9/11 terrorists were primarily Saudis (which makes our later military adventures all the more confusing).

    I'm not attempting to justify US policies here.
    This thread is a direct response to my own concerns over recent increases in Russian aggression.

    And Kronos, it was Russian sponsored rebels.
    Any other conclusions seem far fetched.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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