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    Jim wrote:

    Sure, its easy to try to turn this around, but we didn't shoot down a commercial airliner.

    Neither did Russia (ignoring the incidents when the US actually did).


    How long do we continue to sanction this type of behavior?

    Both the US and Russia play a rather dirty game with Ukraine, Russia's involvement is just a bit more obvious.

    Most plausible scenario sofar:
    Some east-ukrainian cabbage farmers got their hand on some anti-aircraft missiles from the Ukrainian army and thought they were shooting down a Ukrainian air-force plane.

    Yes its possible that those missiles were directly provided by Russia.
    It's also possible that Russia provided some training.
    It's even possible (just not plausible) that someone shoot down that plan on purpose.

    Sofar we haven't seen any proof supporting those possibilities and it's also quite obvious that one should only react on things one is pretty sure to have actually happened.
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