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    beworld wrote:
    What is your Hardware ? X5000 ?

    ATI Radeon 5450 HD = With 2D graphics acceleration, no overlay... so no 3D ?! (no sur i dont have this hardware)

    Hurrican need 3D Support, so if you have X5000 maybe you need a new graphic card : "ATI Radeon X1950"

    My hardaware is an AmigaOne X5000 so you have succeded with its place and emotions

    Don't be afraid because I talked with bigfoot and he told me a new verrsion for the graphics cards cards is on the works,of tinygl I think if I If remember well On 3 or less weeks (or days) I think he said or commented.And I talked with him by e-mail.

    I see a good possibility if bigfoot can releaase thisw soon and later.
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