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    You just "had to" reply? Honestly I don't get it. The reply, or the point of it, that is. So, I can't think of any thing really smart to say about your borderline racist blurb, but here goes.

    Anyway, by turkis I assume you mean Turkish. And by pakistanish you mean Pakistani? Urdu, perhaps? (the most common language in Pakistan. There is no language called Pakistani.) Asian? What kind of language is that? Fyi, Chinese alone is "a" language (more like a group) consisting of several mutually unintelligible ones.

    Ah, ignorance is bliss.

    Oslo, a multicultural city? By Norwegian scale, sure. Have you ever been to London? Less than 60% of the population there are ethnic natives. I can assure you, people who visit Oslo hear a lot more "true" (accent-free) Norwegian than what visitors in London hear of British English.

    In Oslo these days, you're more likely to hear polish than middle eastern languages, as a large part of the workforce in the construction industry is from Poland (and some other eastern european contries). The majority of the more exotic immigrants have, unlike the polacks, been here for long enough to have learned the language. The Pakinstanis and Turks I know speak great Norwegian, and write both Norwegian and English better than you do.
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