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    If you're learning Japanese from anime, then good luck. You'll end up sounding like a total idiot. Not that I know japanese, but I can clearly hear the difference from "anime japanese" to "movie japanese". And japanese people say the latter represents the real thing.

    Learning a language as an adult by watching cartoons is an extremely bad idea.

    And no, Bokm?l is not a dialect, but a written form of Norwegian. (Nynorsk is another one.) Bokm?l is spoken/written in large parts of the country, across many dialects. Again, it is *not* a dialect in itself.

    If you want to name a written form as a dialect, Bokm?l's precursor Riksm?l, wich is a lot stricter in regards of both pronunciation and spelling, is a better choice. But Riksm?l is regarded as somewhat upper class-ish, the kind of language that is spoken mostly by old people in higher class areas around Oslo.

    And about people with english as their first language not bothering to learn other languages; what's the problem? Everyone knows english these days. And if you don't, go learn it, for christ' sake. It's the people that don't bother learning english that represents language barriers.

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