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    norwegian people can understand swedish as usually or is just as for italians and spanish people?

    That's not fair :-) When you italians detect that you are talking to us spanish speakers, you "switch" to some kind of "spanitized italian" that makes us hopefully believe that spaniards do understand italian.
    I've tried to grasp words out of an ordinary talk between two italians, and was able to understand almost nothing!
    But what's very clear to me is that spaniards and italians do really make efforts to geet understood. That doesn't happen with every nationality. For example, english speakers tend to believe that their language is the only one existing in the planet, and so don't make the slightest effort to learn a foreign language. I've seen many cases of (specially brithsh) people who have spent years in Spain, and happily live with just two or three sentences in spanish. That can be quite offensive.
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