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    ok, here we go :D

    "Hej natt suddare, jag har sett att det ska bli fyrverkeri idag tror jag"

    Some wrong words here to correct first.
    Hej or Hei. but suddare is not a norwegian word don't know what it means. but here's the rest.

    "Hei natt kompis, jeg har sett at det skal bli fyverkeri i dag tror jeg.

    "Hi night friend, i have seen that there is fireworks today i think.

    thats a rought sentence.
    btw about swedish, we do understand swedish. but swedish slang is harder, like suddare.
    found a sentence with that word used. but could't find out it meaning, here.: "Fler suddare i kv?ll???"
    thats pure bred swedish.

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