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    Firstly, i would like to excuse myself for filling this nice polish thread with english posts, again.


    jcmarcos wrote:

    There's no sense in plugging an accesory that is so much faster than the CPU that it would be underused.
    What is that application that needs such a fast storage option? Is the on-chip IDE that slow really? Are there benchmarks somewhere?

    Maybe it will be underused, but for the price of an -already MOS supported- scsi card, i would like to have all the speed the scsi chip would be able to deliver on the efika, instead of the slowness of the onboard IDE, that AFAIK, is like PIO 0 specs.

    In fact, i already have the scsi card and a few scsi HDs unused.

    Also, as nice side effect, the scsi would let free the cpu of the ide transfers. Maybe thats only a little cpu of time, but talking of the efika?s cpu power...the more the merrier.


    Does that mean that you have some form of MorphOS running on your Efika?



    Then, you are missing a lot of interesting solutions. This doesn't sound reasonable to me.

    What might or might not sound reasonable for you, its not my business.

    Otherwise, its up to me if i want to wait over my whole life.


    For example, waiting ages for an old computer to run the operating system you want might give enough time for a completely different solution for your needs, and you would miss it.

    Maybe, but, FMPOV, almost all OSes outthere are going *NIX way, what i deeply dislike. And yes, since i dont use computers to put bread on my table, i will stick with the option i like the most, which is MorphOS.

    This is a very little community and even smaller its developer group, so things happens slowly, which, is fine for me.

    Having various Pegasos and even PUP systems, so the time MOS2.0 take to get finished, is not that critical for me. And yes, all of them are running the last public version which is 1.4.5 plus updates. Im quite happy with MOS 1.4.


    Let's hope that MorphOS 2.0 can run on all the new Efikas: 8610, 5121e and 5123! In theory, Genesi's BIOS "Aura" (previouly know as "SmartFirmware") should allow exactly that.

    I will pray to the lord for that, but for the moment, i will concentrate myself in the platforms that already runs it, like efika.
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