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    FrankBrana wrote:

    enable me to have a radeon pci gfx card and a pci scsi card, in order to avoid the slowness of the onboard ide.

    There's no sense in plugging an accesory that is so much faster than the CPU that it would be underused.
    What is that application that needs such a fast storage option? Is the on-chip IDE that slow really? Are there benchmarks somewhere?


    my efika will ONLY run MOS

    That's a reasonable choice. I would also like that. But, if I have a need, and MorphOS is not available, the need is not fullfilled. Enter different choices... But it's true, we all like MorphOS best.

    Does that mean that you have some form of MorphOS running on your Efika?


    I became less and less interested in hardware world as long as it doesnt run MorphOS.

    Then, you are missing a lot of interesting solutions. This doesn't sound reasonable to me. For example, waiting ages for an old computer to run the operating system you want might give enough time for a completely different solution for your needs, and you would miss it.
    Let's hope that MorphOS 2.0 can run on all the new Efikas: 8610, 5121e and 5123! In theory, Genesi's BIOS "Aura" (previouly know as "SmartFirmware") should allow exactly that. But I suspect that MorphOS does not use much of the BIOS functions on a Pegasos (never confirmed, though)... This might lead in more tasks to fulfill when switching to another platform.
    What a pity that we can't know what's going on behind the scenes of the operating system we love!
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