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  • Grono.net MySpace.com, Orkut, etc: if you are interested in social networks, you can be the right person for us! We are looking for Polish social network managers, able to lead our communities in their own countries/languages. We posted a similar offer for Hungarian social network managers, so if you are fluent and able to manage communities in both languages, even better!

    Managers are evaluated and paid on performances, for this reason we are 100% flexible about working time and location. You can work from home, travel and work, work little or many hours; that is all up to you! We monitor only performances, so if you deliver on your promises, you will be rewarded.

    Application process is very easy. At this stage, we hope to hear from as many candidates as possible. Then, we will short-list the candidates who look more suitable. The top performers will be offered a job as social network managers, and the top manager in each country can become social network country manager and co-ordinate the whole site.

    Please make yourself familiar with one or more of our sites (they all use the same social network platform):
    European social network: http://www.smileur.com/
    Social network for peace: http://www.mypacis.com/
    Second life avatars social network: http://www.hybridlife.net
    Open source social network: http://www.smilegrid.com/

    After, please contact us on http://www.smilegrid.com/contact.php providing:
    - contact information
    - why you are the right person to be social network manager
    - how many users you can bring us in the first week
    - how many users you can bring us per month
    - salary expectations
    - projects you already worked on
    - copied-pasted resume (if you have one)
    - any information you consider relevant

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