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    Krashan can do whatever he wants. He is also not leaving MorphOS. He is still writing his software. If he wants to leave the team he can.

    This is normal for teams. They change. Evolve. People come and go. Maybe he even re-joins at some point, who knows.

    But the bottom line is it doesn't matter. MorphOS is still being developed, despite all of the difficulties. The July 2004 communication still stands, and what is said there can't be said any more clearer.

    What more do you want? The team has communicated their intentions to all users. Nothing has changed since then with regards to their plan. The team has changed, sure, that is normal in any team environment. And as others have stated those internal team changes really are none of anyone's business except the team.

    Do you want to be notified every time Laire flushes his toilet? What exactly do you want?
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