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    Was thinking more about it... situation is even more difficult. There is one question: how to distribute MOS1.777 ?

    1. Give it for free. But not all will want to give away more than year of work for free (ok, it's not fulltime, but still), some might not even like the idea that Genesi might profit from this (sell more Pegs).

    2. Sell the update. This opens even deeper problem hole. Who would sell it ? How money would be split ? Do developers have somekind of MorphOS contract ? Building gmbh foundation might be very hard, especially when developers are spread all over the globe. Dealers might help in distribution, but to get to this point a lot of work needs to be done. You need a sales person, somekind Genesi replacement.

    Here comes another problem, Genesi might start distributing new MorphOS, but will developers trust them ?

    A lot of questions and there is even more interesting one - has any work been started to get out of this limbo ?

    Any thoughts?

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