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    HammerD wrote:
    Hi Krashan, I'm sorry to hear this. But more importantly sorry to hear that you feel there is no leadership on the "MOS Team".

    Well hasn't it been obvious for quite some time that MorphOS has been kind of "idling"? Perhaps not individual developers, but the "development management", if you can call it that. And I also think we all know why, and there is no need to go there again. Besides, better idle than dead IMHO! ;-)

    Around last Christmas (in the aftermath of the Gerber blast) BBRV said they hoped that a new version of MorphOS would be out before "this time next year" (towards Christmas 2005). In this post (link) here on Morphzone they are speaking about sitting down with Ralph sometime during Q2.

    We'll see what comes out in the end, if anything. One thing is for sure though, the progress of the Pegasos will probably help, and there is no idling on *that* front! :-)
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