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    Hi Krashan, I'm sorry to hear this. But more importantly sorry to hear that you feel there is no leadership on the "MOS Team".

    As an end user I certainly would agree with you. The official communications and direction from the "MOS Team" have been few and far between. Even myself, asking about projects, or even things I wanted to fund and start myself, I often get no answer or some non-committal response.

    We have had some communications from this "team" but I can't say for certain that anyone knows if 1.5 will come out, what features it will or will not contain, what the time-table is, if it will cost anything, etc... Sounds to me like a lack of Project management. The sad thing is that it is my personal belief that some of the "MOS Team" just don't care anymore about MOS or it's current user base. I'm not saying everyone doesn't care, because I still think there are people who do.

    But my impression of the "general mood" of the "MOS Team" is that they are going through a tough time. With Zapek leaving, BBRV not funding anymore, and internal disagreements...no wonder they are in this situation. I hope they can pull through.

    It's a shame really, since MOS is an excellent product that has potential, and the "MOS Team" is still very talented.

    Ambient going open source is both good and bad. Zapek is lost as a developer, but we have gained a great team of talented programmers to carry it on. So let's see what happens.

    I will try to be positive in the darkness! :)
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