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    It is true. It is hard to work in a "team" with no real leadership. Every project needs someone who has balls enough to drive it up. Someone who can make things working, who can turn a vision into detailed plans and schedules. Someone who can talk to the community and does not affraid to tell something is delayed or wrong. Someone who knows how to manage the team.

    Now when Genesi pulled the plug out, it is just a bunch of talented individuals drifting in an unknown direction. I can of course drift with them infinitely, but what is the point? I can be an ordinary MOS user as well, contributing my work to the community. Having access to not released "1.5" components is useless. If I want to release something for 1.4 I cannot use it anyway and writing something for 1.5 is like writing to the drawer in current condition.

    Of course I'm thankfull to Genesi for oferring me two free machines. I think I should contribute my work to MorphOS and Pegasos community in return. And I will do, my projects are not stopped.

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