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    unfortunately it is rather rainy and not too warm here now...

    Well, that's the "traditional" Swedish Midsommar Weather! ;-) :lol: Well, at least it's not totally uncommon that it rains (or are showers) and *not always* very warm yet (but it *can* be)! :-)

    Anyway, Midsommar is a "holy" celebration in Sweden, a country where winters are very long and dark, but the summer days never ends! And since this is posted in the *Swedish* forum, I feel kind of obligated to point out that even though the reason for celebration (the summer solstice) is today, the actual Swedish "Midsommar" *celebration* always is on the *following Friday* (that is - this coming Friday). Much for practical reasons I suppose; this day, everyone leaves the cities, travels out in the bush on the countryside, spends the day celebrating with your children/families, dancing around the "Majstång", eating a lot of "Midsommar food", and then spends the whole night drinking. Followed by two days of hangover! :-) The whole country kind of closes down for the whole weekend!

    So from a Swedish perspective, the summer solstice is today, but "Midsommar" is this coming Friday! :-)

    Anyway, I just went outside and took this picture (at 22:15 hours). The picture is taken from the balcony of my house with my crappy cellphone camera. The sun has set, but the sky is still very bright. It will get a little bit darker during the next few hours, but not very much, and then the dawn breaks again! :-D


    I like it much better when the earth is on this side of the sun! :-)
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