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    It has been unseasonably hot here on the West side of the USA. Very uncomfortable and unusual for June weather, and it makes me worry about how hot it will be in July, August, and the first half of September.

    It's quite the opposite here in Finland... +10°C right now... spring was unusually cold with no warm days at all and only couple of days have been at +20°C in this month :) But I rather take this than too hot :)

    We had a good Winter this past season, with almost 200% of the average snowfall in the mountains, and above average rainfall during this year's Spring season. The lake just a short walk from my home filled all the way up, which had not happened for the past several years, and it is staying almost full, even though the surrounding farm have been using the lake water for crop irrigation for the past several weeks.

    I think that all of us will experience drastic changes in weather patterns, all over the earth, as global warming causes more severe storms, and the rising oceans flood areas of low elevations.

    Hottest June since 1976 here and I've been fasting from 2am to 10pm through the entire month. :/

    Manchester is famous for basically raining 24/7/365 so something had definitely changed with the climate.
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