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    > I wonder how much living at 7,000ft. elevation [...] had to do with the days seeming
    > longer. I am sure it has some effect, as you can see the Sun come up a little earlier
    > than people at the base of the mountain, or at sea level, and the reverse applies when
    > the Sun is setting, but don't know if it is just an extra 15 minutes of daylight, or
    > over an hour of extra daylight, being on top of a mountain at an elevation of 7,000ft.

    The formula for the additional daylight time t at an elevation e (above sea level) compared to sea level, assuming a spherical earth with radius r, should be:

    t = 2 * arccos(r/(r+e)) * 24h/360°

    Inserting e = 7,000ft and r = 20,902,231ft results in:

    t ≈ 0.2h = 12min
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