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    Briefest night of the year tonight.


    The Winter is coming...


    Since we are headed into the hottest part of our Summer here, Winter sounds nice!
    Enjoy the solstice, all.

    It has been unseasonably hot here on the West side of the USA. Very uncomfortable and unusual for June weather, and it makes me worry about how hot it will be in July, August, and the first half of September.

    I got burned pretty good working on replacing my front deck the last 2 days. Worked 29+ hours in 2 days, with only very short breaks for lunch.

    As for short nights and long days, I wonder how much living at 7,000ft. elevation when I was growing up, had to do with the days seeming longer. I am sure it has some effect, as you can see the Sun come up a little earlier than people at the base of the mountain, or at sea level, and the reverse applies when the Sun is setting, but don't know if it is just an extra 15 minutes of daylight, or over an hour of extra daylight, being on top of a mountain at an elevation of 7,000ft.
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