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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I haven't even checked the specs on the latest integrated CPUs, but the older gpus
    > were all Terascale.

    GPUs in AMD APUs are GCN-based since 2013 (Jaguar with GCN2). Current Excavator-based APUs use GCN3-based GPUs, and announced (Q4/2017) Zen-based Ryzen Mobile (Raven Ridge) APUs are going to use GCN5-based Vega GPUs.


    > So maybe driver support for gpus before the GCN cards makes sense in light of that.

    Only for APUs from 2012 (Piledriver) and earlier.

    > they aren't going to be available any time soon.

    Q4/2017 doesn't sound too far away.

    > AMD just released a Socket AM4 CPU with integrated graphics, but it uses
    > their one of their older CPU designs.

    Yes, the Excavator-based A6-9550 with GCN3-based GPU.

    Well that shows you how much I paid to that announcement, DDR4 enabled Excavator CPU, pretty pointless.

    So...in light of the shift to GCN gpus, one more point for your argument, BUT your still getting R600 up to the 6000 series first. 😁
    Because it's Mark's call.

    You know the reason I don't push on features anymore?

    Because I'm suspicious that part of the reason we haven't received 11,2 support is that I pissed off Frank about it a couple of years ago misinterpreting his statement that it wouldn't take long to do, as a statement that it would happen.

    It could just be hubris on my part, that assumption, but I did piss him off.
    It could very well be that the primary reason is supporting too many model.
    But if I screwed this up for the rest of you...
    Anyway, no suggestions, no questions, I just take what's offered.

    Part of what kind of teed me off about that comment about learning to code.
    I DON'T insist on anything, ocassionally politely ask, but I'm as clueless as the next guy about the future.
    And I don't ask questions anymore.

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