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    Zylesea wrote:

    Cego schrieb:
    why the hell do you need a fast GFX card? for what purpose? there is no software that can utilize and use the full potential of those cards. not even the currently supported ones are fully maxed out. this bigger and better absurdity is the last thing thats missing and of vital importance for our system. MorphOS needs more and better applications. A recent browser, email client with IMAP support, video/live streaming capability, hardware decoding support, webgl, shader support etc.
    Currently supported gfx cards would be fast enoug for all this. theres really no point in supporting HD5000 cards. thats like driving to the backery next door with a lamborghini instead of a ferrari.


    Why SHOULD I have to settle for less than the best?

    because the MorphOS devs have restricted resources. if you put work into a port, which is not really fundamental, you'll have less time to work on essential and important stuff. you want that? i hope not.
    There is so much more important stuff than another G5 port.

    Very exactly!

    And complete bullshit.

    Mark's has worked VERY hard to complete these drivers and the HD 5000 were close to ready awhile ago.
    Why do we need them?
    First, these cards are cheap.
    Second, the 5000 series is almost twice as capable as the R700/4000 series.

    So the R600 and R700 drivers are almost ready, the 5000 and 6000 series drivers are close.
    And after that, maybe he'll get around to the GCN cards so SAM460 and X5000 OS4 user can try MorphOS without having to swap their video cards.

    Look, you're getting these new drivers and more.
    Why not show a little gratitude for my friend and the BEST coder in the MorphOS development team.

    You don't want to use superior video cards with these new drivers?
    Then why don't you just revert to the Radeon 9200 that was our top supported card just a few years ago and STFU?

    Finally, these drivers will be vital to the X64 fork, or were you planning on installing Radeon X1900XT cards in modern X64 hardware?
    Sheesh, I don't think I've EVER seen a more pointless, negative, and just plain STUPID group of comment like the last two ever posted here.

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