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    > GCN doesn't start until the 7730. [...] there ARE reasons to support cards below
    > the HD 7750.

    Like the 7730? ;-)

    > how much will we get out of GCN? I doubt it will be much.

    Me either. That's why I never quoted performance as reasoning for my opinion that giving priority to GCN-based cards would be better.

    > our drivers uses a surprisingly small number of graphic primitives (think about it, what
    > executes on our highest end cards also works on a Radeon 9200 - or even lower cards).

    I'm not sure this makes sense. Programs don't talk to the graphics card drivers directly. There's at least one level of abstraction in between, so I think the graphic primitives can be different between drivers for different GPU generations.

    > a well written MorphOS driver for these cards will easily allow our G4 systems to
    > step all over Tabor

    ...except in 3D operations.

    > We just need to stop thinking in terms of OS4

    *If* the MorphOS team wants OS4 users on Sam460 and X5000 to try out MorphOS, then they just need to *start* "thinking in terms of OS4" ;-)
    Hans de Ruiter published the results of his latest OS4 graphics card survey some months back, which shows a clear trend towards GCN-based cards. Of all users of Radeon HD and newer cards (which should be Sam460, X1000 and X5000 users combined), about 75% use HD7xxx/Rx. Unfortunately, we don't have the data to be able to subtract out the X1000 users from this, and we also don't know how many of those HD7xxx cards are HD76xx and lower cards and thus not GCN-based.
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