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    Cego wrote:
    new hardware means more user support, service and maintenance. i think its just not beneficial enough for a handful of users. afaik the g5 port didn't sell as they all had hoped.

    Probably because there are less G5 PowerMac towers in Europe than North America, and most of the MorphOS users live outside of North America.

    Also, I think the MorphOS Dev. Team has finally "seen the light" regarding how difficult and time consuming it is to support so many different hardware platforms. With the statements regarding shifting to x64 hardware, I think some of the team members might have already decided that "any" time spent working on supporting additional PPC platforms would be a waste of time. The task of creating a port to x64, plus breaking backward compatibility and working toward providing SMP and/or memory protection, must be so daunting, I would think that some/most of the team probably is distressed or worried, that they have enough developer resources to make the switch successful.
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