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    Cego wrote:
    new hardware means more user support, service and maintenance. i think its just not beneficial enough for a handful of users. afaik the g5 port didn't sell as they all had hoped.

    When did we start providing user support, service, or maintenance.
    We report bugs in the OS, and they (hopefully) get fixed.

    And G5 adoption? I believe that has become one of our most popular new platforms.
    PowerBooks and the G5, why would you choose anything else?

    I have a G4, an iBook, and one G5. And the G4 powered hardware pales in comparison to the G5.

    Similar hardware that I could use modern PCI-E cards in (like Radeon HD cards)?
    I'm sure that would be popular, as it would be the lowest cost of entry for MorphOS systems that support PCI-E video cards.
    AND it would be the most powerful of those systems.

    So, why not somewhat slow performance at the low end with Tabor, faster performance with the X5000s, and cheap, REALLY fast performance with the PCI-E G5?

    I'd buy the middle and last option (actually already I have the quad G5 and will be buying an X5000/40).

    Look, I CAN'T see using AGP cards in my PCs anymore, there just AREN'T any really high end cards in that format anymore (the best is probably the 4670 - and that's really weak).
    So, PCI-E is a must, at least for decent video cards.

    You can't argue that the 11,2 doesn't make sense.
    Its the natural end point to our PPC evolution.
    The most powerful PPC offered on a desktop.

    I'm never likely to see Power9 support, but for God's sake, why NOT adopt the 11,2?
    Why SHOULD I have to settle for less than the best?
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