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    Cego wrote:
    bigfoot told me several times there won't be a g5 11,2 release. at least not with 3.10. don't know what's gonna happen after that.

    Yes, I know that, as I exchange the occasional message with Mark.
    And no, 3.10 will only add X5000 support (and some REALLY freaking cool upgrades).

    I'm not sure how many new video drivers Mark is planning on releasing (how many will be completely ready in time), BUT he is working on ALL of the cards that precede the GCN cards. So, no more X1950XTX as our top card.
    And some of those mid-range 5000 and 6000 cards are SO nice.
    I had a chance to play with a few before shipping them to Bigfoot, and they are impressive, producing frame rates that our current card simply can't touch.

    I don't know if he'll support the AGP variants of the R600 and R700 cards for our legacy systems, I'd sent them to him fairly late in the development cycle for the R600 and R700 drivers (and I NEVER press for details - it would be...rude).

    But an AGP 3850 or 4650 would be too cool in a G4 or G5.

    And the jump from HD 4000 to HD 5000 is incredible. But think about it, without other PCI-E systems, these cards are limited to the SAM460 and the X5000.

    Would you like the option of, say, an HD6750 in a PCI-E G5? It can be done, because Linux users are doing it NOW.

    And we know MorphOS can run on a PCI-E G5, it just needs a network driver and fan speed control. Not nearly as much work as Mark had to do to complete the original G5 port.

    So its not really a question of could it be done, or the amount of work required (which, no doubt, some of us would be willing to pay a bounty for), its a matter of WILL....will it be done, is there the will to do it, will they be reading my will and it still won't be done, etc.

    Honestly, is there any really legitimate reason not to do this?

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