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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > from what I've heard the only problematic issue is the lack of a NIC driver

    It's not and you've heard of it:


    Right...fan speed control.
    I completely discount the video card arguments, as I don't think they are valid.

    BUT, a G5 with its fans running at full speed would be most annoying.

    So...TWO issues. One that's easy to solve (install a network card), and another that would require some development work.
    BUT, how much difference can there be between fans speed control on AGP G5s and PCI-E G5s?

    And, if I had to, I could alter the water cooling system of a G5 with a hardware monitor to control fan speed.
    Give me a port that adjusts the fans to run full speed, and I'll have a separate hardware controller built in a couple of weeks.
    Its the kind of hacking I'm good at. Relatively simple.
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