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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > The reason the transfer rate is basically 1X is that it has to go across the bridge chip,
    > and Mark does not have documentation of how that chip works. But it isn't transparent,
    > it needs to be programmed, so whatever work around he managed to implement with
    > the R500 driver did require additional work.

    So this existing "work around" for the bridge chip of the R500 cards doesn't work with the bridge chip of the R600 (or R700) cards? Pity.

    I have no idea, Andreas.
    You'd have to ask Mark. I know far less about the entire matter than he does.
    It was his idea to use the AGP X1950Pro to develop the R500 driver (he asked for it).
    Frank already had a really nice PCIe variant.

    And I've never looked into bridge chip functionality, and I'm just going on what little he mentioned to me.
    I don't even know if they are the same components (on the R500, R600, and R700 cards).

    Mark just mentioned that it was not well documented.
    I'm hoping that he can get it to work better with these cards, because it limits the utility of the R500s in AGP systems.
    Otherwise I'd be using one right now.

    An 3650 or 3850 would make a nice upgrade.

    However, its worth mentioning (yet again), that buying hardware that support hasn't been announced for is a bad idea.

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