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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > I don't know if Bigfoot intends to continue to support AGP variants of
    > Radeon video cards moving forward.

    I'd think if he supports PCIe-based Radeon HD 2000/3000/4000 cards he won't artificially restrict support for AGP variants of the same cards.

    AGP variants require a bridge chip, and that hasn't worked well with the R500 cards.
    So, it isn't an artificial restriction, supporting AGP variants requires extra work.

    And right now, I've shipped Mark an AGP 4650 (so he has an R700), but the R600 AGP cards are still on my desk (each package to South Africa costs me about $100) and I still have one more card (an GCN card) I want to include in this package.

    I'll try to get the remaining R600s out by the end of April, but Mark is already working on the R600 drivers, so he doesn't have cards to test an AGP driver with (yet).

    In my defense, he wasn't sure he was going to continue to support the AGP cards as there aren't any good Linux driver examples. But since there are only R600 and R700 cards remaining (that support the AGP interface), I thought I'd send them anyway.

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