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    "Show posts from last visit" function appears to be borked. Brings up posts from 2005 or so.

    Would recommend adding a tree listing of the library showing current position, and 'next'/'prev'/'up' in all documents.

    Example - MUI Programming - The First steps:

    - Short BOOPSI Overview
    - Event Driven Programming, Notifications
    - "Hello world!" in MUI

    It would be logical to navigate to 'Short BOOPSI Overview', read that, and then progress to 'Event driven programming, Notifications' and subsequently 'Hello World'.
    Currently, one has to navigate back to index page to get to the 'next chapter' of the tutorial.

    Additionally, if a page is found via a search engine, or linked to directly, there is no way to see where in the library this lies, other related documents, or even what the parent docuement/chapter is.

    As the library fills, this will become much more of an issue.

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