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    Oepabakkes wrote:
    You will have MorphOS 4.2 by then... well let's hope not for all you people overthere. 225?... that's 50% more. ouch.

    I don't know why people have to pay 150? outside the EU. When I sell something at work outside the EU, I don't have to count the VAT... well in Belgium that is. Maybe it's another story whatever country the MorphOSteam is selling from.

    You still would have to pay +/- 130? I think ... Not sure that those 30 Dollars or so is going to make much of difference.

    The question of the MOS Dev Team being able to delete the VAT when they sell outside of the EU came up at the AmiWest 2009 Show in Sacramento, CA, USA and I did not know how to answer it. I'm guessing that because the system to accept payments is set up to be automated as much as possible, the team just hasn't taken the time or effort to set up the removal of the VAT for buyers outside the EU where the tax does not apply. I am surprised that it has not been asked before now.

    I probably should not be bringing up this question, as I did receive a discounted price because of my efforts to display and present MorphOS2.4 running on a G4 MacMini at the AmiWest 2009 Show last weekend (and I appreciate that discount and the team very much), but it is a fair question for anyone that lives in an area where the VAT should not apply.

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