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    amigadave wrote:
    I haven't had a chance to install my just received MacMini keyfile, but if we only have about ~ 650 licenses and most of us have more than one registered MOS computer, that means that the number of registered users is only actually about half the number of registered licenses.

    1. I would certainly *not* make the assumption that "most of us have more than one registered MorphOS computer". I have only one registered copy of MorphOS, but I have 4 MorphOS compatible computers. I bought that license during the discount period, and even then I thought the price was kind of steep to be honest. From the debate that went on at that time, I know I am not alone in thinking this.

    2. Because of the rather high price, I think quite a few people are still using MorphOS 1.4.x. Those are not included in that count.

    3. There are no MorphOS 2 for Amiga PowerUP, but there are still MorphOS (1.4.x) users on that platform as well, and they are not included in that count.

    I would *guess* that the MorphOS (1.4.x and 2.x) userbase is somewhere between 700-800 people, and the amount of MorphOS installations at those people to be slightly higher than that.


    Much too small a community for such a fine OS!

    Agreed! :-)

    And I actually think that it's the price tag that's scaring most people away. At half the license price, I think they would get 3x-4x the registrations.

    However, on a total system cost comparison, the Mac Mini + MorphOS should still be a lot cheaper than the competing alternative, which is the Sam+OS4 and Pegasos2+OS4. And when it comes to the Mini vs Peg2 - about 2x more powerful (and the Mini vs Sam, it's a complete whack-a-mole)! :-)


    We all need to do a better job at promoting MOS and also get more developers into our small community to create more and better applications and games.

    Yes I agree. Maybe the MorphOS team should put a catchy banner ad at AmigaWorld.net and Amiga.org? :-) But besides such things, I think the happy users are the best promoters! But not if they stay silent, of course. So people - get out, and get vocal about MorphOS strengths and benefits! And make tests, do comparisons, write articles, put videos on youtube, so we all can use this as promotional material.
    MorphOS is Amiga done right! :-)
    MorphOS NG will be AROS done right! :-)
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