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    So nr 469 somewhere last month.

    Wow, they actually have ~500 paying customers? To be honest I didn't expect that many at this price level. Should have generated a pretty penny for them, but I'm still convinced they could have made twice that money at half the price. Let's see what happens when the Mac Mini port is released, and if some changes will be made to the licensing policy. I can't see myself buying more licenses if they don't introduce volume discounting (like buying the second copy at 1/2 the price, the third copy at even less, etc). I have three Pegs and one Efika. I hoped to have MorphOS on them all, but had to prioritize the Peg2 G4, so the others haven't even seen a glimpse of MorphOS 2, which is sad.

    The old debate about price... But I cannot other than to use the opprtunity to second your statement. When the Mini version comes and teh intention is to get *new* users a price >99 is a killing thing!
    99 EUR is IMHO the maximum. Spending one big green note is relatively easy for many ppl, but adding another brown note to that hurts.

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