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    koszer wrote:
    I've updated the graph. The links remain valid:

    http://mm.pl/~recedent/wykres3.png for the PNG version

    http://mm.pl/~recedent/wykres3.pdf for the PDF version

    http://mm.pl/~recedent/wykres3.svg for the SVG version.

    Except for the short lived increases in the rate of licenses registered shown after several of the version releases, it is amazing to me how consistent the number of licenses for MorphOS appear to be. The angle of the graph is very consistent, which I think means that we must be gaining some new MorphOS users, because all of those new registrations can't be existing users who are buying different compatible models. Since the forum traffic here does not appear to have increased significantly, those new users may not be continuing to use a MorphOS system, after buying a license and trying it out for a short period of time. It makes me wonder just how many active MorphOS users there are around the globe, and if the number of active users is growing, or shrinking, or staying about the same? My guess is that the number of active users (defined as a user who turns on and uses any MorphOS system at least once or twice a week), is staying about the same, and my guess is that the number of active users that fit my description, is about 1,500 to 2,000. That's just a wild guess, with no data to back up my assumption. People who know more about forum traffic and download statistics of MorphOS software, could make a much more accurate guess of how many MorphOS users fit my description of "active".
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