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    Yes, I wish it were much more popular and we could get more users

    Any piece of hardware or operating system is only as good as the software you can run on it. Realistically, MorphOS lacks a few applications to qualify as a reasonable option for most casual computer users.


    The talent pool in our tiny community is too small to be spread between 3 or 4 different paths.

    You are mistakenly assuming that the people involved with these different paths have any interest in staying involved if their chosen project ceases to exist.

    It is worth remembering that you are not discussing employees of four different companies who just need to be reassigned and will then dutifully do whatever they are being told by management in exchange for paychecks.

    Volunteers have intrinsic motivations that are far more difficult or even impossible to realign with whatever you personally guess may be best.

    These various different projects exist in large part because different people have different ideas regarding how these types of projects should be run and implemented. Why would you possibly give up your own ideas and convictions just to hopefully keep a project 'alive' which does not match your own preferences? "Being inspired by software running on former Commodore brand computers" is not a good enough justification for either developers or users to remain interested.
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