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    BatteMan wrote:
    More one year later, I have number 4755 for my iMac G5 today !

    More than 400 registrations/PayPal transactions in 14 months.

    /me thinks this is not bad but could be much better...

    Yes, I wish it were much more popular and we could get more users, specially from the Classic and AmigaOS4 camps, but 68k Amiga is experiencing some great hardware and software projects recently, so getting them to switch to using MorphOS, or even just to get them to add a MorphOS system to their collection, is just as hard as it ever was. You would think that with all the legal crap that Hyperion causes (it seems that legal battles are all they are any good at doing), and their continued inability to move AmigaOS4 forward at anything faster than a snails pace, that more of the AmigaOS4 users would switch to MorphOS, but A-Eon and the developers that work on the Enhancer Packs, appear to be keeping the AmigaOS4 users pacified. It is a damn shame that the MorphOS Dev. Team couldn't have lured Trevor away from preferring to use AmigaOS4 instead of MorphOS. Just think how much better Trevor's investment could have been, if he had been working with the MorphOS Dev. Team, instead of listening to the bad advice he received from Hyperion (and probably Varisys as well). The X1000 CPU mistake probably couldn't have been avoided, as I don't think that anyone could have predicted what Apple was going to do, with regards to shutting down production of the PA6T, but I think that with the advice of the MorphOS Dev. Team members, the X5000 and A1222 would probably be very different projects, and a great deal of the money that Trevor has wasted on AmigaOS4 hardware designs, could have been used to revitalize the software development of MorphOS native software, and probably allowed the team to complete the switch to x64 for MorphOS.

    Oh well, none of that happened, and we are on the path to a better future using more powerful x64 systems. Maybe more users will see the (blue) light, once MorphOS for x64 is released, and we have some key software programs that show off the difference available, between AmigaOS4 on PPC systems that are equivalent to our home wireless routers, and MorphOS for x64 systems that are nearly up to date with other hardware, used to run Windows, MacOSX, and Linux operating systems. It would be great if we could combine the development talents of the MorphOS Dev. Team, and the team of programmers that A-Eon has put together to work on the Enhancer Packs. The talent pool in our tiny community is too small to be spread between 3 or 4 different paths.
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