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    OlafSch wrote:
    here is a statement from geit about the value of the counter:


    [ Editiert durch OlafSch 17.03.2017 - 14:18 ]

    That statement from geit confirms that the number the community is using to track the number of MorphOS registrations, has little to do with the actual number of active MorphOS computers in use, or the number of actual MorphOS users, but it does not confirm or deny that the MorphOS Dev. Team uses any other means to keep track of how many users there are, or which users are using which hardware.

    As I said, I no longer care to know exactly how many MorphOS users there are in our community (though, out of curiosity, of course I would like to know the number). My last message was just to point out that the MorphOS Dev. Team "Could" know the number of users, "IF" they wanted to track that number, using the method I described, or some other method, and that such method would be fairly accurate. Most, or maybe ALL MorphOS Dev. Team members, probably don't care to know exactly how many MorphOS users there are, but they might know a pretty good estimated number, if any of them have discussed the topic, with, or without even trying to track such number.
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