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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    >>>> There's no way we can know the number of users. Not even the MorphOS team can.

    >>> Sure. I own 3 licenses (Pegasos 2, Efika, PowerBook) and I am a single user.
    >>> I guess I'm not the only one.

    >> I don't understand.

    > I just tell that I agree with you and that this counter has no relation with the users.

    Ah okay. Sorry for misreading. I thought you meant "sure" as "sure we can".

    I don't really want to argue this topic, because I don't care how many exact users we have, but, I do believe that if the MorphOS Dev. Team wanted to know (maybe they already do this), they could keep a database of individual registered users, and list which compatible computers they have registered. The only inaccuracies that I can think of happening from this imagined database would be from MorphOS computers that stop working, or stop being used to run MorphOS, and the owners fail to ask for a replacement registration for another compatible computer, and for the few registered MorphOS computers that are sold to different users, who do not request that the name on the registration be changed, but continue to run MorphOS on such systems.

    Over all, I think the MorphOS Dev. Team could, or already does, know approximately how many MorphOS users there are, if they care to know.
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