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    > As I read through this thread, it appears that folks are posting the number of
    > their registration, or invoice number (I thought the two were related).

    That's correct.

    > I see nothing of a registration number in any emails from MorphOS support.
    > How are other registered users able to determine their registration number?

    The number is in the email from support@morphos-team.net with the subject "[morphos support] MorphOS Registration". It contains the following text (with XXXX highlighted by me indicating where the registration number is to be found):


    If you didn't register using the MorphOS Registration Tool and think this mail was sent to you in mistake then please forward this message to support@morphos-team.net . Thanks.
    Hello xxx,

    Many thanks for your MorphOS registration.
    To complete the registration process, you must now purchase MorphOS. Once your payment is confirmed, our support team will send you your personal keyfile by e-mail.
    Please note that this is a manual process and thus could take a while until it is verified.
    The supported payment method is PayPal. To proceed with payment, just click the following link:


    If you are unable to use PayPal or have further questions about payment, please contact us at payment@morphos-team.net .
    MorphOS Support Team
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