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    Spectre660 wrote:
    No big surprise with the insults that seem to be bundled.
    I ended any attempts to get MorphOS working after this.

    Jim isn't usually so hostile to new users. I think he just got wound up about the long debate regarding the Tabor board. But I don't dispute we have some "other" problem users, like all communities, the MorphOS user community has its share of bad apples. Unfortunately, no matter how often they are reminded that their bad behavior is harmful to the rest of the MorphOS users, they continue to behave like children, or worse. Thankfully, the number of "Bad" MorphOS users seems to be rather small, but also unfortunately, they are very active and vocal.

    You should not let a handful of people with bad manners, stop you from enjoying MorphOS on your SAM460. There are plenty of "Good" MorphOS users and developers who are happy to help new users.

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