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    I know quite a few people who got registred MorphOS because they collect everything Amiga. They don't use them much though.

    As I said, it depends on what you mean by "user". If having a computer with MorphOS, registrered or unregistred. qualify as a user then we probably have 3000-4000 (removing only those who doesn't have the hardware anymore). But I think you only qualify if you actually use it, and not just turn it on every now and then to update the OS or show a friend what it looks like. IMHO.

    I think the number of active + passive users may be 1000. But active users like me who use it for most things are probably close to 100 since us geeks usually have several machines. I currently have 3. And it seems about right when IRC:ing, looking at MZ and various Amiga sites.
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