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    Andreas_Wolf wrote:
    > reading all your answers in just 5 minutes of time, I get the picture.
    > I think the rules you make are not of use for the 'order'.

    The way I see it:
    The administrator’s privilege is to make the rules.
    The moderators’ privilege is to enforce these rules.
    The users‘ mere privilege is to abide by these rules.


    So we are ALL privileged!Thanks.

    And I try to abide by the rules most of the time.
    I've never really thought about Andre as a mod or admin, although he is.
    Actually he's a member of the development team that's willing to devote his time to this site.

    So whatever my differences with him, I'm not going to blow him off in public.

    And things are pretty informal here, so the entire "hey administrator" thing kind of threw me off balance.
    "Never attribute to malice what can more readily explained by incompetence"
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